AUGUST 22, 2017


Mental Health Economics:  Analyzing Value

This webinar is aimed primarily at researchers and health care practitioners interested in addressing or better understanding issues of cost, cost-effectiveness and value in their work. There is an increasing expectation and need to demonstrate not only the health and other impacts of interventions and innovations in health, but also assess what it takes in terms of resources to develop, maintain or scale-up an intervention, and be able to link resources and costs to primary outcomes of interest.  Accordingly, the webinar will start with an overview of key principles of health economic analysis, before moving into a presentation of analytical steps, methods and data requirements.  Participants should come away with a better grasp of why economic analysis is needed, what is required to do it and how to go about it.



Photo of Dr. Dan Chisholm

Dan Chisholm, Ph.D.
Program Manager for Mental Health
World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Europe

Dan Chisholm is Program Manager for Mental Health at the WHO Regional Office for Europe (based in Copenhagen, Denmark).  He was formerly a Health Systems Adviser in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at the World Health Organization (based in Geneva, Switzerland). His main areas of work in WHO have included development and monitoring of global mental health plans and activities, technical assistance to WHO Member States on mental health system strengthening, and analysis of the costs and cost-effectiveness of strategies for reducing the global burden of mental disorders and other non-communicable diseases.  He has published widely in these areas over the last twenty years, including as part of The Lancet’s earlier series on global mental health. Most recently he co-edited the mental, neurological and substance use disorders Volume of the third edition of Disease Control Priorities (DCP-3). Dan is actively involved in the Mental Health Innovation Network, and supporting a number of NIMH International Hubs for Collaborative Research on Mental Health.